How to play and Earn Money!

  1. Remember This Site is not a Gambling Website! To Be sure check this From USA government! Click here
  2. First 1500 Users Are our VIP users and will get 0.5$ after Accepting the TOS and Registering their Invoice Details!
  3. Also you may Deposit by PayPal or bank cards! When you press the Deposit it will redirect you to PayPal website there you can choose the PayPal or Bank Card pathway! Please Read about the Rules and Conditions of Deposit/Withdraw at our TOS!
  4. By going to “Play” Page, You Have the opportunity to choose your Preferred Location to have a Good and Fair Ping and Optional Entry Fee the amount of Money (in USD Cents) you would like to Challenge the other Players and Press Save.
  5. Then Every Online user can see you on the List!
  6. If Someone Challenges you our You challenge someone , You need to wait for 15 – 30 Seconds for a New Server to be created and you will have the Server IP , Which you need to Copy&Paste in your Console at CS:GO
  7. Servers will be created only for the Steam Accounts which are online on the website! so be sure that you are using the CS:GO on the same account which you signed in at
  8. You will join to the server and after Typing “ !ready “You have to Vote for the Favorite map! There are maps for Pistol, Awp, and AK+m4a4!
  9. After Voting , e-bot will change the map , Again you have to Type !ready
  10. Win your opponent by you Shooting Skills and his money will transfer to your balance!
  11. You may withdraw your money whenever you reach MIN 5$s
  12. Good Luck and Have Fun


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